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Participant Feature- Cory

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Our Participant of the Month is Cory!

Cory had worked at the same location for over seventeen years while enduring years of ownership and management changes. He finally hit a wall when his schedule was constantly being changed and he was not permitted to block out time to participate in the Special Olympics. He decided it was the time to make a big jump into the unknown but he also knew he would need extra help to make the changes he wanted.

Cory has participated in the Special Olympics since high school. He is a participant in multiple sports including bowling, golf and volleyball. He also helps coach and mentor others on his teams. He is now looking forward to participating in Special Olympics Leadership classes so he can help others more often and in more ways. As a cafeteria worker for the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools he now has the work life balance he hoped for.


What challenges did you have to overcome to get your current job?
It was hard to make the choice to work for another type of organization after over 17 years of working in one industry. It was a big leap of faith to work for a school and with kids but it was the right decision.

What led you to contact OpportunitIes for Ohioans with Disabilities for services?
His mom found information about OOD online. Mary Trinity was a great vocational rehabilitation counselor to work with. She helped with the referral to Greenleaf and was always quick to respond to answers when questions came up.

What about a job is important to you?
Cory enjoys helping others, especially young kids. It is important to serve and give back to others.

How did Greenleaf help with challenges?
Jim was really supportive and had good ideas about other types of jobs to look at. Jim came to my interview with me so I was less nervous. He followed up repeatedly to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

What made you the most nervous about starting a new job?
Cory was nervous about working at different schools and learning different ways to do things at each school.

What do you like about your job with GJPS the most?
Cory loves the hours and the shorter shifts. He enjoys having time off especially during school holidays. He has been excited to experience how respectful the students and staff are. He likes that there is flexibility to his schedule when he needs it. He loves seeing happy students everyday.

How has this job changed your life?
Cory likes working at a job where he feels needed and appreciated. He loves working for the young students. He likes having a consistent, flexible schedule that allows him to participate in the Special Olympics while still having time with his family. and being able to help in the community for causes he cares about. He now has the time and energy to fully participate in the Special Olympics as often as he wants to and at a higher level.

What has been your key to success in this job?
Don’t give up! Make sure to listen to what people have to say and don’t be reluctant to ask questions when you are not 100% sure. Always smile even when things are not always perfect. Your attitude is important, showing respect to everyone will circle back to you.

Cory’s advice to job seekers
Cory suggests people look at – Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools as an employer, they are a great organization to work for. Let others be part of your job search.

From his employer

Megan Schweller
Food Service Supervisor
Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools

“Cory is a wonderful addition to our team here at GJPS Food Service. He is so friendly, helpful, and brings such a bright and positive energy to our kitchens. Cory has been able to develop such strong relationships with staff and students alike since he started with us, and we are so grateful and lucky to have him!”