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Participant Feature- Carmen

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Our Participant of the Month is Carmen!
Carmen is a recent graduate of our Project SEARCH program and then entered into job development to find employment outside of the hospital setting. Congratulations to her on starting her new job at The Ashford!
Full Interview:

: What led you to reach out to OOD for services?

A: To help find a job

Q: Why is it important to you to have a job?

A: It’s important for me to get a job to have experience so that I can one day achieve my goal to become a nurse’s assistant.

Q: How is getting/having a job going to change your life?

A: Getting a job will help me get a house, a car and start my life as an adult.

Q: What challenges or problems did you have to face to get your job?

A: It was hard to learn to use Indeed/the internet to find a job, and learn how to answer interview questions.

Q: How did Greenleaf help you with these challenges?

A: My job developer, Rose, helped me by teaching me how to answer interview questions. The most helpful thing she taught me was how to speak up for myself and get what I want/need.

Q: What advice would you give to others who are nervous about looking for a job and working?

A: I would tell someone who is nervous about finding a job to practice, practice practice their interview questions. Keeping your body active (like doing Zumba!) can help with the stress too.