Greenleaf News

Employee of the Quarter- January 2023

Q4 22

Congratulations to our Employee of the Quarter, Dana Sherfield. She exemplifies all 5 of our core values:

Invested in their participants- This person always maintains a caring and empowering relationship with their participants. They are motivated to provide services that are unique and catered to each participant’s needs. They recognize when participants need additional care and they empower their participants to advocate for themselves. 

Innovative– This person is always finding creative solutions and covering last-minute emergencies. They find solutions before they become issues and they are driven to always improve so they can be the best at​ their job. 

Integrity– This person can be counted on and trusted. They are committed to our mission and show this by always stepping up when needed, and always providing transparent and honest communication with management. 

Intentional– They work hard to reach the goals given to them and strive for excellence. They are truly dedicated to their participants by remaining consistently purposeful with service delivery. 

Inclusive– They handle whatever challenges they face and independently do what is right and just. They speak up if they feel their expertise isn’t aligned with their participant’s needs and are willing to adapt to their environment or circumstances, even if that means learning something new to accommodate their participants.