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Participant Feature- Richard

Richard FB
Our Participant of the Month is Richard!
Richard came to us looking for a job and ended up happily and gainfully employed at his local YMCA. Richard has been complimented by staff at his workplace, saying that he’s a hard worker. Congratulations Richard!
Q: What led you to reach out to OOD for services?
A: My House Manager reached out because I wasn’t working.
Q: Why is it important to you to have a job?
A: To have an income to set money aside for me an my fiancé and our wedding.
Q: How is getting/having a job going to change your life?
A: It gives me money to take care of myself and my bills.
Q: What challenges or problems did you have to face to get your job?
A: I struggled with interviewing. Leah (Job Developer) helped with all my interviews. I would have stumbled at all my interviews if not for Leah.
Q: How did Greenleaf help you with these challenges?
A: Leah gave me goals to follow to help me get a job in the real world. My job coach, Brittany, helped me have confidence as I was starting out at my new job.