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Participant Feature- Morgan

Morgan FB

Congratulations to Participant of the Month- Morgan!
Morgan’s been with Greenleaf through various pre-employment services and has finally found the job for her. Her Job Developer had this to say:
“Morgan has definitely overcome some tough spots throughout the job searching process. She experienced a few rejections for positions she interviewed for, however, Morgan still persisted… She initially was very set on not working in a retail/clothing environment and was very hesitant to change her idea of prospective places she could be employed. After a staffing with Morgan, her mom and her VRC, Morgan committed to being more open to the opportunities available, including retail. This openness led to her placement with GAP. GAP also allowed her to try out the job tasks for a few hours. When testing the job out, Morgan hopped right into action and impressed the supervisor on duty and led to an official job offer.”
Good work Morgan and congrats on the new job!