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Participant Feature- Cera

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Congratulations to Participant of the Month- Cera!
Cera went through job development with Greenleaf and found employment helping others at Action for Children. Cera aims to make an impact on others and she’s definitely starting out on the right path.

Q:What led you to reach out to OOD for services?
A: I reached out to OOD for services because I needed some help organizing my thoughts and pointing my life in a direction I was satisfied with.

Q:Why is it important to you to have a job?
A: Having a job is important because it means independence and structure. It is a great way to make an impact on something you care about.

Q: How is getting/having a job going to change your life?
A: I look forward to finding a home and life for myself, something stable and fun to enjoy my time doing. I have never had a career and hope to put my time towards something worthwhile.

Q:What challenges or problems did you have to face to get your job?
A: Something challenging about getting my job was the different steps required to get hired at an organization, things like paperwork and interviews are daunting and complexly worded.

Q:How did Greenleaf help you with these challenges?
A: Greenleaf pointed me in the right direction so I wouldn’t feel scared to interview and apply, they validated the difficulty of the process and guided me along.

Q: What advice would you give to others who are nervous about looking for a job and working?
A: I’d say that the best thing you can do is ask someone who has done it many times to help you out! It becomes a team effort with support and background so that you can feel up to the task and know what to expect.