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Greenleaf is Hiring!


Greenleaf is hiring! We are always in search of the Perfect Employment Specialists! We are specifically looking for candidates for Job Coaching related services. Please see the full job ads on, or contact us at

Please send your resume and cover letter, detailing your experience and desire to work with individuals with differing abilities, to

We enjoy our status as a leader in vocational rehabilitation and have a passion for helping individuals with barriers to employment enter or return to the work force. As Greenleaf team members, we enjoy variety and meaningfulness in our work. We appreciate autonomy in our tasks while knowing we work within a proven system and have the backing of our coworkers and supervisors. We relish becoming experts in our field and masters of our trade.
Knowledge about disabilities and other barriers to employment, while helpful, is not required. A willingness to learn and jump in to help the team and our clients is essential.

Greenleaf’s most successful employees:
• are self-sufficient
• communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing
• are organized
• are flexible in schedule and in mindset
• can remain calm and collected amidst challenging or changing situations
• are motivated by helping others
• set high expectations for themselves, Greenleaf, and the people they serve
• can connect on a meaningful level with a wide variety of people
• can empower rather than enable

The non-negotiables:
• High school diploma or GED
• The ability to travel and transport consumers locally
• Comfort with and ability to effectively use computers and mobile technology
• No criminal offenses that would disqualify you from working with people with disabilities