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Our unique approach to finding employment for people with disabilities works because we listen. Job applicants and employers alike love working with Greenleaf. But don't take our word for it; see what people just like you have to say about our vocational rehabilitation services.

"I've been associated with the Bureau of Rehabilitation and linked to several vendors to help me find work. Being disabled, this is a hard task. I've never experienced another counselor/vendor who has worked nearly as hard as Kate Lingnofski has with me. I'm sure with her assistance, I will soon be employed. She goes out of her way to make sure she matches me with jobs that not only can I do, but would enjoy doing which ensures that I will be happy and have long-term employment. I've never had the pleasure of working with a more dedicated, caring person than Kate has been with me. She really cares about matching me with the right job for me and she always does her best. I'm sure had I had her as a job counselor/vendor from the beginning, I would already be settled in the job meant for me. My time will soon run out with BVR since I'm working in an extention (sic) period with them. If we can't find the perfect job for me in this short time, I will reapply with BVR and request Kate as my counselor again. Greenleaf I'm sure is proud to have her on their team."


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Case Studies

Greenleaf prides our staff on their ability to work with clients through one service or all services. providing a comprehensive plan for their successful return to the world of work. These featured case studies take a look at what services were provided to a client and how the process worked for them. Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Rebuilding Stamina Case Study

Steven* (name has been changed for confidentiality) was first referred to Greenleaf to determine whether he was ready to return to work following a back injury and several years off of work. His pain prevented him from doing the type of work he had previously, and assessment was required to determine what he would be capable of doing. After an initial assessment, the Job Coach determined that Steven would benefit from a Gradual Return to Work Plan in a different work setting to assist him in developing physical stamina. At the end of his assessment, Steven was feeling confident but...

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Self-Employment Case Study

Tony* (name has been changed for confidentiality) was referred to Greenleaf uncertain of his path through services. Greenleaf began by having Tony participate in a work program designed to assess his abilities in a particular environment. Tony worked in a community business, dismantling electronics and recycling the appropriate pieces, displaying skills in technology, assembly, and creativity. It was determined following the program that Tony would benefit from a new program, Customized Employment. He had previously expressed an interest in self-employment, and it was decided to pursue that avenue. During Customized Employment, Tony worked with his Specialists to research potential business...

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Customer Service Case Study

Tara* (name has been changed for confidentiality) was referred to Greenleaf needing assistance in assessing her abilities in a customer service or office position because she had not worked in 6 years. She was unsure of her abilities and received Vocational Testing. This testing let her know that customer service would be a good fit for her personality, skills, abilities, and interests. To further assess her abilities in this area, Tara participated in a work program during which she worked at the front desk of a community business, received a training stipend, and received the one on one assistance of a...

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