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Self-Employment Case Study

Tony* (name has been changed for confidentiality) was referred to Greenleaf uncertain of his path through services. Greenleaf began by having Tony participate in a work program designed to assess his abilities in a particular environment. Tony worked in a community business, dismantling electronics and recycling the appropriate pieces, displaying skills in technology, assembly, and creativity. It was determined following the program that Tony would benefit from a new program, Customized Employment. He had previously expressed an interest in self-employment, and it was decided to pursue that avenue. During Customized Employment, Tony worked with his Specialists to research potential business ideas based on his interests, skills, and hobbies. Once an area of specialization was determined, the Specialists and Tony worked on establishing various business contacts, a website, and a business plan. After his business plan was complete with the help of a Business Plan Specialist at Enterprise Works, Tony was able to present the plan to his counselor, and his plan was approved. Tony is moving forward with his business, purchasing needed items with the assistance of the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, and has even introduced his first products successfully into the market!

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